HAVAL192,3 Hash Generator

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HAVAL192,3 hash

This online tool allows you to generate the hash haval192,3 of any string.

HAVAL192,3 length is 48 characters

Hash available

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What is HAVAL192,3 hash?

HAVAL (Hyperbolic Audio-Visual Animation Language) is a family of cryptographic hash functions that was designed to be fast and secure, with a high resistance to collision attacks. There are several different versions of HAVAL, with varying degrees of security and performance.

HAVAL192,3 is a specific version of the HAVAL hash function that uses a 192-bit hash value and processes the input data in three passes, or "rounds." This version of HAVAL is considered to be relatively fast and efficient, with a moderate level of security.

The specific algorithm used in HAVAL192,3 is quite complex, and involves a series of bitwise operations and modular arithmetic operations on the input data. In general, HAVAL uses a combination of bitwise operations, modular arithmetic, and a set of carefully chosen constant values to mix the bits of the input data together in a way that is resistant to collision attacks.

What is HAVAL192,3 used for?

HAVAL192,3 is widely used in various applications, including file systems, databases, and networking protocols, where strong collision resistance is important. It is also sometimes used as a benchmark for comparing the performance of other hash functions. However, it should be noted that HAVAL has been the subject of some controversy in the cryptographic community, and it is generally considered to be less secure than more modern hash functions such as SHA-2 or SHA-3.