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The Importance of Strong and Random Passwords

Nouman Khizar

Passwords are essential for your accounts and protect accounts for hackers. When you have stolen or weak passwords, you are the easiest target for hackers. So, if you are serious and want to protect your personal info, assets, and accounts, then creating a strong password is the first step. You can use for generating random and secure passwords for your account’s protection. Password generator tools run on Windows, Android devices, Linux computer, Mac, and iPhone. The best password must contain upper and lower case characters, numbers, and symbols. Another tip for protecting your accounts and websites from hackers is using different passwords for different sites and accounts. In this guide, we will help you to understand the importance of random password generator tools and how to use them for your account protection.

Tips for Setting the Best Passwords

Follow these tips while setting passwords and these tips can help to protect your accounts and websites from hackers.

  • Whenever you create a new account, use a new and unique password. When you use the same password on different websites, when one site faces a security issue, hackers can easily use this information to hack other websites. Hackers use the combination of username and password to hack other websites. So, set a unique password for each site.
  • Avoid using your personal information in passwords, like birthdays, name, and street address. It might be easy to remember for you, but at the same time, hackers can find it online and hack your systems and websites. So, to ensure the safety of your accounts never use this information in your passwords.
  • Your password must be long, and it must contain 12 characters. The password must include numbers, special characters, and letters. Some people like to generate long passwords.
  • When you are setting a master password, you can use the lyrics of your favorite song by using random characters between them.
  • You can use tools like to generate strong and random passwords.
  • Avoid using commonly used and weak passwords, such as henry123, password1234, or nickname1. It is better to use passwords like N@24&a@12%C, Jon@12&and&sam, etc
  • Don’t use your personal information while answering security questions. When you provide personal information like the name of your mother, or your nickname can be easily found on the internet and hackers can use this information to hack your accounts.
  • When you use similar passwords by only changing a single letter, it weakens the security of your accounts.
  • Don’t forget to change your passwords when you have shared them with someone.
  • The last and most important tip is never sharing your passwords via text messages or email. You can use secure tools for sharing such information.

Why is it Important to Use Built-in Password Generator?

You can set a strong password by using tools like password generator. Moreover, you can save your password in your built-in browser. You don’t have to worry about your password protection. Your passwords are safe, and you can use them whenever and wherever you want. If you don’t want to do this, generate a random password, and save it in a word file or notepad in your computers. If you are using a mobile phone, you can take a screenshot and do whatever you feel is the best and safest way for you.

Why Should We Use Random Password Generator?

When humans use their minds to create a random password, they are not good at doing that. People love to use numbers and words that are important to them or easy to remember. They mostly use pet’s name, birthdays, lyrics of a song, and street address. When you do that, you are allowing hackers to guess your passwords easily. Remember, when something is easy for you to remember, it is also easy for hackers to hack. Moreover, you need to understand that computers are used for guessing. An online tool can help to test over a hundred passwords per second. If a computer uses GPA-based cracking tools, then this number can climb to billions of passwords per second. For protecting your accounts and websites, it is essential to understand the importance of password’s length and complexity.

How to Set a Strong Password?

Now, you understand the importance of strong passwords; the next step is how to set a strong password? Use this online tool password generator and create a safe and long password. Your password should be long and try to use at least 12 characters and randomly used them. Use characters, upper and lower case letters, symbols, and numbers. Some tools allow you to save your password, so when you want to log in you can easily do that.

Why Is It Important to Have a Unique Password for Each Account?

You can use the same password on each website and account. Just imagine that, if one of your accounts is facing a security issue, it means you are putting all your accounts at risk. Never do this and use different passwords for different accounts. Set random and unique passwords for different accounts. A random password generator tool can help you to set a strong and long password.

Examples of the Worst Passwords

It has been seen that people use passwords like:

  • 1234567
  • Abc123
  • John123
  • Ilove pets
  • Songlyrics

People consider them safe passwords. However, it’s not the case. These are the worst passwords and avoid doing this.


Passwords can protect your accounts and websites or can allow hackers to hack your systems and accounts. It depends on you whether you want to protect your personal info and accounts or you want hackers to hack your accounts and make bad use of them. Follow the tips given above for setting the best and long passwords. Moreover, you can use password generator to generate a long and random password. Don’t use similar passwords on a different account. Protect your accounts by using different and unique passwords.