Web page to Plain Text

Convert your web page to plain text

What Is Plain Text Page?

Plain text is any document or text file that only contains the text. It is different from a rich text document, and a plain text page can't have fonts, bold text, or any other special formatting. Mostly the plain text file is with the file extension of .txt on Microsoft Windows computers.

You can view the plain text file in Microsoft Notepad. Moreover, Microsoft WordPad and Word can also view the file because the file doesn't have any special formatting.

How to Extract Plain Text from a Web Page?

There are many ways to extract text from a web page. Whatever method you choose depends on the purpose you have in mind. If you want to extract the text and get its print to use it as instructions or guidelines, you can extract text as HTML only.

Moreover, if the web page contains images and you want the original form of the page, then you need to extract the full webpage. You can extract the plain text from a web page in two ways.

  1. Click and open the web page from which you want to extract text. After extracting, save the web page in HTML only format. It will ensure that original page formatting options are intact. You can edit this file in text editors like Notepad and view it in Web browsers.
  2. Copy the URL of the site and paste it into the page. It will extract plain text without HTML coding and hyperlinks.

How Webpage to Plain Text Tool Works?

It's a useful tool for extracting the original page because it removes HTML tags, and you'll get the plain text without formatting.

The pages you get will be lightweight because they don't load HTML tags, images, and external files. Therefore, these pages are lighter. You will face the issue of slow page loading because of the removal of excess codes.

Moreover, you'll get links-free pages. This tool converts hyperlinks into plain text. The link to the Home page will be intact and allow you to look for other pages.

The plain-text version is free from JavaScript. Therefore, the page loading will be slow. Moreover, when you block JavaScript, you can be safe from malicious attempts.

How to Use Webpage to Plain Text Tool?

Copy the URL and paste it in the box Webpage to Plain Text. Just click on "Convert to Text". You'll get a plain text version free from HTML codes, JavaScript, and links.

Benefits of Converting Web Page to Plain Text

Converting HTML files to plain text can be beneficial for users and business owners. Let's have a look at the key benefits.

  • View and read offline

The most common issue that people face is the unavailability of the internet. So, convert the webpage into plain text and read it whenever you need it. Moreover, you can view the file offline.

  • Easy to edit

For a non-technical person, understanding HTML isn't easy. For example, you want to convey important information to your team; you can highlight the plain text. On the other hand, it would be difficult to do in the HTML format.

Moreover, these formats are easy to edit. Once the file is converted, you can use any text editor to view and edit the file. You can add images, links and re-layout the document.

  • Easy to print and share

Once the document is converted and saved as plain text, you can get its print. Moreover, you can convert it into the desired format like PDF or Word. These formats are easy to share and print. Furthermore, by using these formats, there will be no changes in the layout.

  • Compressed data

As mentioned earlier, you can convert a plain text to PDF, and it can store a large amount of data. Moreover, on compression, the images and text will not lose shape. Additionally, your data will remain the same as the original text and format. While sharing the document, you can maintain the layout, quality, and document content.

  • The plain text fits into anything

You can't use HTML codes in the e-mail, wiki, site, blog, and instant messenger. On the other hand, plain text can easily fit into all these options.

What could be the Conversion Problems?

If you're unable to convert your Webpage into plain text, there can be lots of problems, such as:

  • One or more pages might be too complex. For example, they might contain vector objects.
  • There can be issues with links.
  • Fonts might not be embedded correctly in the document.
  • The text might be overlapping.
  • There will be issues in the layout.

How to Fix These Conversion Problems?

  • Identify the complex pages, remove them, and test if the conversion succeeds. Simplify the design of the complex pages to get the conversion.
  • Ensure that you add the right links. Moreover, check that links are not broken. Also, ensure that links are displayed at the right places.
  • Make sure that fonts are embedded correctly. When you convert them to any format, the font position must not be changed.
  • Ensure that text and images don't overlap in the text.
  • Fix the problems with layout, images, and text. Ensure that images are correctly inserted.

Some Issues That You Might Face While Using this Tool

  • It can't read sites that extensively use JavaScript. For example, YouTube.
  • Enter the right URL because it can't handle the page redirection.
  • It might not convert some complex pages so that it can be annoying for users.


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