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What Is Convert Case Online and how it Works?

If you're worried about upper and lower case letters, then don't worry because you're at the right place. You can change between lower case and upper case letters by using the convert case online tool. Moreover, it can help you capitalize, uncapitalize, transform your text, and convert to mix case. It offers lots of options, such as:

  • Upper Case

You can paste any text in upper case transformer, and it will convert all the letters into upper case letters. This function can help you convert all the lower case letters into Capital ones while maintaining the upper case letters as upper case ones.

You can do this in just one click. Copy the text you want to change, paste it in the box and then select upper case option and you'll get your text in Capital letters.


  • Lower Case

Sometimes, you mistakenly convert all the letters into upper case letters, and you start wondering how to uncapitalize them. You can use the "lowercase" converter to uncapitalize the text. The conversion process is simple, as mentioned in the upper case section.

Example : this is how the lower case looks.

  • Capitalize Case

It is another useful converter because it converts the starting letter of each word into a capital letter. Moreover, it leaves the remaining letters as lower case letters. Just copy the text you want to convert in this format and paste in the box. Select Capitalize tab, and you'll get the desired results.

Example: Capitalized Case Looks Like This.

  • Sentence Case

Copy any text you want to transform and paste it in the box. It will convert it into a fully formed structured sentence. It's a handy tool for formatting because it converts each sentence's first letter into capital and leaves the rest of the letters as lower case letters. Moreover, it can convert i's into I's.

It will automatically convert each letter into the capital after the full stop. Remember, it's a tool so it will not capitalize names and places.

Example: It is a handy tool. It converts each letter after the full stop into upper case letters.

  • Invert Case

It's a unique feature because it converts the first letter of each sentence into lower case. It converts rest of the letters into upper case ones. In this way, it can make your text look great.

How to Use Convert Case Online?

When you mistakenly write all the text or document in caps lock, don't worry because you don't have to rewrite or delete it. You can use this case converter tool to format the text according to your needs. You can perform all the tasks mentioned above by using this tool. Just follow these three steps and get your text converted into the right formatting.

Step 1:

Simply copy a sentence, paragraph or complete document you want to convert and paste it into the box. The case converters will only convert letters, and they don't change spacing, fonts, hyperlinks, italic, and bold text.

Step 2:

Choose the action you want to perform from the above-given options. Click on the convert button, and you'll get what you want.

Step 3:

Copy the converted text and save it wherever you want to save it.

Why Should You Use This Tool?

You might be wondering why I need to use this tool when I can do everything manually. There are plenty of good reasons. Such as:

  • You might have left the caps lock on and want to convert it into lowercase. You can just copy-paste the text and convert it into lowercase in seconds.
  • You forget to capitalize the first letter of each sentence; you can use this tool instead of writing the whole text again.
  • If you're writing content for search engine, you might know the importance of capitalization. Capitalizing the first letter doesn't only look great, but it can also help increase CTR.

What's the Purpose of This Tool?

Nowadays, people are already short of time. They don't have time to perform edits or rewrite the texts. Therefore, we have designed this simple and easy to use tool to make lives easier. You can convert any text length into the desired format in a few seconds. You just have to bookmark this tool so that you can use this tool whenever you want to do quick edits.

Benefits of Using Convert Case Online

You either write text in MS Word or Notepad but unfortunately this software doesn't have the convert case feature. You don't have to worry because you can use our free tool to convert your text into required formatting. It offers the following benefits:

  • It helps remove unnecessary capitalization
  • You can capitalize all the text
  • Saves time because you'll not do this manually
  • Sentence case formatting can help you convert your document into a professional one
  • You can convert your text into any style you want in just one click.

How to Access Case Converter Online?

You can click on this link and visit the page or you can search on Google by typing Convert Case Online Toolsyep. The best way is to bookmark this tool so that you can use it whenever you need it. It's free, and you can use it as many times as you want.


Making mistakes is normal phenomena. While writing a document we often mistakenly capitalize the text. We have to edit the text, and it can be a time-taking process. The best way to tackle this problem is to use the Convert Case Online tool. It serves different functions, as mentioned above.

You can use it for formal and informal content. Moreover, it's free, simple, and easy to use. You can save time and fix all the mistakes in a matter of seconds. You should definitely give this tool a try. If it works well, bookmark the page so that you can use it whenever you need it.