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What is an IP Address?

Nouman Khizar

IP stands for Internet Protocol, and IP address is the address of your network hardware. IP address connects your computer with other devices on your network and also all over the world. An example of the IP address is:

Now you might be thinking, what is my IP address? Don’t worry; visit this link what-is-my-ip and you can check your IP address. It’s very simple and easy to know your IP address. All the devices that have an internet connection will have a unique IP address. It means billions of IP addresses are required. The good news is new IP version IPv6 has fulfilled this requirement.

Versions of IP Address

IP has two basic versions, such as IPv4 and IPv6.

IPv4 is the older version and it only has a space of over 4 billion IP addresses. IPv4 provides IP addresses in numerical numbers. This number will be different from other numbers. It uses 32 binary bits to create a single and unique network address. It contains numbers from 0-10. An example of IPv4 address is:

IPv6 is the new version and it can provide trillions of IP addresses that can easily fulfill the needs of all devices and internet users. It uses the hexadecimal method to provide the unique IP address to trillions of users in the world. It uses 128 binary bits to create a unique network address for users. It contains numbers and letters separated by a colon. An example of IPv6 is:


You are getting crazy and wan to know your IPv4 and IPv6, then visit this link https://toolsyep.com/en/what-is-my-ip/ and know your IP.

Types of IP Addresses

IP addresses are of four types, such as:

  • Public IP address
  • Private IP address
  • Static IP address
  • Dynamic IP address

Let’s have a look at all these types one by one.

Private IP Address

It is the address of your device when it is connected to a business or home network. If you have different devices, and all the devices are connected to one Internet Service Provider (ISP), then all the devices will have a unique IP address. Nobody can access these devices from the outside of business or home network. An example of a private IP address is

You have a limited number of devices connected to your computer, so private addresses are not unique. You can find out your private IP address by using different techniques. The best and easy way to find your IP address is to visit this link. https://toolsyep.com/en/what-is-my-ip/

Other techniques you can use to check your private IP addresses are:

If you are a window user, go to command prompt and enter the command as “ipconfig.” For Mac users, go to your Terminal app and enter the command “ipconfig.” For mobile users, visit your WiFi settings to know your IP address. Finally, iPhone users can identify their IP address by clicking on the “I” button next to the network they are connected with.

Public IP Address

It is the main IP address to whom your business or home network is connected. This IP address is used to connect you with the world, and all users have a unique public IP address. You can easily find out your public IP address by visiting toolsyep.com on your browser.

Static and Dynamic IP Addresses

Both private and public addresses can be either dynamic or static. Addresses that you configure and fix manually to the network of your device are called static IP addresses. The good thing about static IP addresses is that they can’t be changed automatically. However, this type of address is rare, and if you don’t have an understanding of IP/TCP, it can create network issues. On the other hand, dynamic IP addresses configure automatically and are more common. These addresses are automatically assigned when you connect your router with the internet. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) manages these dynamic addresses. Dynamic IP addresses are used on a leasing system means it will be available and active for a limited time. When the lease expires, the computer will automatically get a new IP address. The leasing process is transparent and clear unless there is a conflict of the IP address on the network. Conflict means two computers with the same IP address. However, this address conflict is rare, and technology fixes it automatically, and you don’t have to do anything.

Benefits of having a dedicated IP address

There are plenty of advantages to using a dedicated IP address.

  • Less Downtime

When you have a shared IP address; and refresh your page, there is a risk of downtime from the server. However, it is only for a short time, but if you are a gamer, it can wreak havoc on you. So, a static IP address eliminates this risk.

  • Your Own Private SSL Certificate

E-commerce websites need a secure and private SSL certificate for accepting online credit cards. Web hosts usually offer a shared SSL certificate, so they put your private information on risk. It is better to have your private SSL certificate.

  • Remote Access

A static IP address provides you access to your computer irrespective of where you are in the world. You can use programs like PC Anywhere and Remote Administrator to access to your home PC. You need to have a fixed IP address; otherwise, the program won’t work.

  • FTP Server

It is the best and reliable way to transfer data from one computer to another. For setting the FTP site, you need to install specific software. You can use it to share pictures or files with your friends.


Your device will have a unique IP address whenever you connect your computer or mobile to the internet. Your device will have two versions of the IP address. Many computers today have both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, while still, some computers have only IPv4. You want to check your IP address, visit this site: what-is-my-ip. Moreover, we have discussed all the types of IP addresses, and you can see which type of IP address you are using.