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What is a Keyword Density?

Nouman Khizar

Keyword density plays a crucial role in a well-written and Search Engine Optimized Content. You might have heard that “Content is king.” What does it mean? It means when you want your article or blog post to be ranked on the 1st page of a search engine you will have to write an optimized and SEO friendly content. SEO friendly content is a crucial factor for ranking. In this article, we will discuss how keyword density works, the importance of keyword density and from where you can check keyword density.

The importance of keyword density in SEO has changed over the past few years. So, as a blogger or social media marketer, you need to understand the science behind the keyword density so that you can rank your website or keywords high in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Definition of Keyword Density

It is a number that tells how many times your keyword or main phrase is used in a piece of content. In other words, it is the percentage of how many times your keyword appeared on the webpage. Sometimes the keyword density is also called keyword frequency. Remember, there is no fix number or percentage of keyword density for SEO optimized content.

How to Calculate Keyword Density?

In the past, it wasn’t easy to calculate the keyword density. Now everyone can easily calculate the keyword density either manually or by using tools. You can check the keyword density by visiting this link Moreover, if you want to calculate the keyword density manually, divide the total number of times keyword appeared in a webpage or content by the total number of words. The result will be the keyword density of that page.

What Is the Ideal Keyword Density for SEO?

SEO is a very vast field, and there is no clear or ideal value of keyword density in SEO. Moreover, you will not get any guidelines from Goggle about the keyword density because there is no exact value of KD for good content. However, some considerations can help you to rank your content and improve the overall experience of your target audience. Moreover, different tools and websites have a different ideal value of keyword density so that they will add to your confusion. If you are not sure about the keyword density of your piece of content, visit this link Keyword Density Checker, and you will come to know the keyword density of your webpage.

The Importance of Keyword Density for SEO

In the past keyword density was considered as the most important aspect of SEO. Many digital marketers push the ranking of their websites by keyword stuffing. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t work anymore. No doubt, humans have become smarter than ever before, but technology is always a few steps ahead of us. In the recent past, there have been some significant overhauls in search engines, such as Hummingbird algorithm change, Google’s Panda update, and the development of RankBrain.

RankBrain is the AI-based algorithm of Google, and it is the crucial factor in search ranking along with backlinks and content. Now Google rank content based on user-friendly content. If your content is easy to read and understand, and end-users are getting all the information they are looking for, then Google will automatically put your website or blog at higher numbers without looking at the keyword density.

How to Improve Keyword Density?

You have done all the hard work in writing SEO optimized content, but when you check keyword density either manually or by using some tools, you come to know that your keyword density score is low. So what will you have to do? You will add your key phrase or keyword more often in your content. It will increase your overall keyword density score.

Remember, you need to concentrate on the topic because adding keyword too often can make your content look like spammy. Avoid repeating your keyword many times, and it is better to use synonyms. It will increase the content value. Synonyms are not counted while calculating the keyphrase score so they will not be included in keyword density score.

The Best Strategies for Keyword Density

As mentioned earlier, there is no specific or ideal keyword density described by search engines, so you need to follow these best practices. You need to focus on keyword optimization rather than just focusing on keyword percentage.

  • While writing keep the readers in mind You are writing the best piece of content for your readers, so focus on readers instead of keywords. You can use your focus keywords organically in your content. Learn content writing and use all the tips to create compelling and user-engaging content. Once you have written down content, now examine whether you can add the keyword in it to make the density 1-2%.

  • Use synonyms to add variations in the target keyword Search engines have the ability to recognize similar words that are connected to the target keyword. It will avoid the repetition of the main keyword, and you can generate a good piece of content without looking like spammy.

  • Semantic keywords can support the target keyword It is almost similar to the above point in which the words are contextually related to the target keyword. Search engines have algorithms to read these words and rank WebPages. So you need to find out the supportive words and add to your copy and make compelling on-page SEO content.

  • Avoid keyword stuffing Once you have written down a good piece of content, visit this tool keyword-density-checker for checking keyword density. You need to look for other SEO factors as well before publishing your content. Use your target keyword enough times so that the search engine can find and rank your content. Avoid keyword stuffing because you will be putting your site at risk and sooner or later, your site will face search penalties.


Keyword density is a crucial factor in SEO-friendly content, and you can check the keyword density either manually or by visiting this link Follow the strategies mentioned above to generate a good piece of content.