Web page to Plain Text

Convert your web page to plain text

What is the Plain Text Page?

Is a page without images, scripts, links. only textual content. This internet tool allow you to create a text only version of almost any web page.

How to use this page

Type or paste the URL of a web page into the box above and click "Convert to text". A text only version of the web page will be displayed. You can also visit a site by adding the desired URL to the end of the address on this page. Like this example:
https://toolsyep.com/webpage-to-plain-text/?u= http://sample.com
Or the shortest:
https://t.toolsyep.com/?u= http://sample.com

How it works?

The tool retrieves the original page, removes the HTML tags and returns a plain text without formatting.

Text-only lightweight pages. Plain text pages contain less code because don't load HTML tags, don't load images and don't load external files. So plain text pages are lighter and consume less data traffic. However, loading the page can be slow, due to the removal of the excess code that take place on the server.

Pages without links. Plain text means that there are no HTML hyperlink. Hyperlinks are converted to plain text. The final page will be a static page, however the Home link is maintained to return to this page and look for other pages.

Pages without Javascript. The plain text version don't have javascript. The loading of several script can slow down the loading of the page, especially in old devices. Blocking javascript also prevents malicious code from running.

Known issues

  • The tool cannot handle page redirection. Please enter the correct URL.
  • The tool cannot read some sites, but if I try with my local server it works. That's annoying!
  • With the sites that make extensive use of Javascript, such as YouTube, reading do not work.


In this text-only tool the removal of the javascript code is done by searching for the <script> tag and removing it. But a very complex or poorly written page can make html code recognition difficult. Therefore some javascript code could pass the filtering and be executed anyway.

Don't abuse

This is free tool. Since the plain page is without script it is not possible to monetize. However, if you find the service useful, you can make a donation.